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the SOURCE of HEALTH & EMPOWERMENT /Esoteric Guide

In this guide, you will learn of the empowering nature of sexual energy through symbolic threads woven into a visual tapestry, which will expand the mind.


Through the deciphering of metaphors and symbolism originating from various civilizations, you will learn how the Ancients used stories to pass down the sacred knowledge of connecting to our higher selves and receiving guidance.


Looking north towards the source of creation was ancient man's symbolic way of prompting him to look within. In ancient thought, man and the world around him were one and the same. Looking to nature, man saw the inner workings of himself and poetically illustrated this truth in allegories and metaphors, which are made plain within this guide.


This guide is esoteric and not for the shallow diver. It delves into ancient cosmology (geocentric cosmology) and the symbolism associated with it. A geocentric view of the universe was held by all our ancestors throughout the world, and so to fully understand their language and expressions, this is one of the necessary keys.


Part 1: ~the Garden of Life

Part 2: ~the Source of Health & Empowerment

Part 3: ~the Art of Transmutation

92-page PDF guide

the SOURCE of HEALTH & EMPOWERMENT /Esoteric Guide

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