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Semen retention is an ancient practice passed down from our ancestors who taught harnessing ones sexual energy causes ones life to blossom into fruition into prosperity of mind, body & spirit. For ones life to become an eden both in the physical and spiritual. In the physical healing & regenerating the body and mind to a state of bliss.

In the spiritual causing our pineal glands to tap into the universal source and receive wisdom and insight, creative ideas with which to create wealth & abundance, a lifestyle for oneself that is to be desired. A good life overflowing with abundance to pass along with whomever crosses our path so we may be a blessing to them!

The very substance that has the ability to create a human life which is a miracle of itself, when transmuted and raised up ones tree of life, ones spine, becomes an empowerment, giving birth within the individual to wisdom, creativity, passion & "endless" energy that the practitioner harnesses to carve out his desired outcome in life!

Becoming a practitioner of semen retention is key because it infuses us with the resilience needed you get through the challenges of the day and keep ONES VIBRATION HIGH.

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Life is about energy and vibration. The one to grasp these foundational truths holds the keys & secrets to transforming ones life.
There is no right or wrong choice in life only good & bad ones, some being better than others and some worse than others.. Finding your way to eden, to a prosperous life is not a matter of crossing your fingers and hoping on luck you make the right decisions or take the right path..

The outside is a reflection of what is on the inside.. Life and the events outside rearrange themselves according to the vibration emanating from the electromagnetic field generated from our hearts, for our benefit when vibrating high and for our detriment when vibrating low. Your surrounding life will always revert back and rearrange itself according to your vibration. THIS IS KEY.

This same truth is seen as grains of sands within a cymatics experiment rearrange themselves to create chaotic or harmonious patterns according to the  frequency of the vibration generated.














Many people due to our society are vibrating at lower ends of frequency which creates a negative electromagnetic field around them, a negative aura. Meaning they are negative, pessimists.. always complaining, can never seem to get a break... cup half empty type of people. I don't blame them for being that way but this lifestyle generates a negative auric field around them which negatively influences their surroundings.

Imagine the frequency of vibration generated from the tone generator causing harmonious or chaotic patterns as representing the electromagnetic field generated from our heart. Each grain of sand representing an aspect of our life.

How silly would it be to try to transform that chaotic patter being generated from a lower frequency into a harmonious one by moving a single grain of sand at a time! No matter how much blood, sweat and effort you put into it, it would always revert back effortlessly.. not because you lacked the determination or will power, simply because you lacked wisdom.

That's precisely what I am here for, to give you that wisdom! Freely!

"Moving one grain of sand at a time" is how many approach life when wanting to change it from the chaotic mess destroying their life to a harmonious flow which creates a life they enjoy!

What I mean by this is that people build themselves up and get motivated and begin changing the events in their life "one by one" never realizing that the chaos in life keeping them down is generated from the electromagnetic field of their heart and the events in their life will always revert back according to the individuals vibration, in this case reverting back to chaos due to a low/negative vibration being generated & that simply changing ones vibration is the key to effective & lasting change!

Many of us have been there, no matter how hard we try we seem to make little or no progress and find it impossible and discouraging to continue. We don't have it in us to quit and so after a break we finally pick ourselves back up and try harder this time.. I don't believe I need to explain the exhausting, defeating feeling.. It becomes a vicious cycle until one finally accepts things as they are or gives up on life and giving birth to their dream life..

As exhausting and draining living in a low vibration is the opposite is true about living within a high vibration! It becomes a positive influence on ones surrounding life! Many of us have been there where it seems as the universe is conspiring to make our every desire a reality! Synchronicity after synchronicity! Being at the right place at the right time! To say the least all of these "miraculous" events that begin taking place within our lives make for great stories to retell!!

Simply, you protecting your energy and vibration and consistently keeping it high causes your surroundings to drastically change in the same manner as the grains of sands become harmonious when the frequency is changed from a chaotic one to a harmonious one! Changing ones vibration is how we create a harmonious life for ourselves, an eden!

There is a popular saying, your vibe attracts your tribe. It is also true that your vibe attracts your life.

Thankfully you now hold the key to effective & lasting change: change your vibration and your surrounding circumstances will rearrange themselves accordingly! The only thing to be mindful of then is maintaining ones vibration!

"If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency and vibration.“  -Nikola Tesla

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One of the main hindrances that stand in our way of living a high vibrational lifestyle is poor health due to negative food & lifestyle choices.

One cannot maintain a high vibration and positive outlook on life which causes one to enter a state where they begin attracting their desired life if their body is in a state of degeneration, plagued with chronic pain, low energy levels, drive, etc.

The electromagnetic field responsible for attracting an individuals desires (law of attraction) is generated from the heart. Therefore a heavy heart plagued with disease from a toxic diet and negativity will not generate as strong a magnetic pull as it could weakening the result of what is attracted into your life.

We know the "foods" we should be avoiding, in short processed foods full of sugar and toxins that cater to our taste buds and not our health. The problem is quitting them! The best solution I have found to this conundrum is not to quit them which doesn't work but rather to replace detrimental food choices with healthier options that are delicious!

Many of us when wanting the time of our life dream of going on vacation to the Bahamas or such other paradises! This is so because intuitively we know its where we belong, surrounded by mother nature which is by nature nurturing! Our mind and bodies align when in our natural setting causing us to experience bliss! A mountainous hike, a forested acre to explore, a paradisiacal waterfall, even the thought of such brings excitement and lights up that childlike spark within us! For a shallow dive into the science of it this is due to a high concentration of negative ions being present and generated within natural landscapes. These negative ions, contrary to their name are of immense positive benefit to us causing alignment of body, mind & spirit! Another way to benefit from natures abundance is through the art of grounding oneself which is simply walking barefoot on mother earth.

Being barefoot or simply within nature an abundance of these life restoring ions are found and that is why no one person will leave the woods or a mountain hike the same way they started! In fact much of the wisdom I have gleaned has come from me living such a lifestyle and much of it has come while on hikes through wooded landscapes, one of my favorite places to be and feel near mother earth!

The human body is an alchemical machine, everything from the foods we consume to the lifestyle we live has a positive or negative influence on our endocrine glands which releases hormones that help keep the body balanced & happy!
And so the more we tweak our system for positive change through mindful living the more we will benefit from our decisions! 

In short:
-Be within nature, ground yourself & acquire as much sunlight as possible!
-When it comes to diet, remember that its not about quitting bad habits rather replacing them with healthier ones that are enjoyable!

Life is a garden and every action you take is a seed planted. As a fruitful tree attracts all manner of life so will your life begin to attract all good things when you vibrate at a high frequency and your life becomes fruitful, full of good actions.

This principle in ancient texts is known as karma & also as sowing and reaping. For every seed that we sow it is measured back unto us multiplied. Meaning that every action we take is a seed of which we will reap a harvest.. Karma. Those who perform good deeds sow for themselves good seed of which they will reap a multiplied harvest!

This is where you can get creative because the possibilities are endless! Sowing good karma for yourself can be as simple as helping an elder lady in your neighborhood with her groceries.. As easy as buying the person in line behind you at the coffee shop his beverage! Throughout the day, every day, sow good karma and you will find yourself always reaping it back multiplied! The beauty of it is that its your garden and you decide which seeds to sow, your heart will guide you!


Sow peoples desires and reap yours!
Here's a secret I have discovered from living this lifestyle. That when you sow into the lives of others their hearts desire, what they desire, then you reap your own desires! And so you tailor the seeds that you sow, genetically modify them to yield the harvest you desire. If one wants an apple tree one sows an apple seed, the same is reflected in the spiritual, its a law, if one desires a financial harvest one must first sow financial seed! Every harvest is dependent on the seed we sow and so if we desire a specific harvest we need to be specific with seed we sow.

For example if I am struggling with a certain aspect of my business and am powerless to do anything about it I have learned that rather than breaking my head over trying to solve this problem that it is much more efficient to find someone with a problem that I am able to solve and help them with it! If I am full of insight, I will search out someone whom, as I am, is having difficulty with a problem they are powerless to do anything about and help them with it!

I remember clearly an example of this.. I was struggling with a question about spirituality, breaking my head over it fruitlessly.. when all of a sudden the light bulb lit up above my head with a clever inspiration!.. I turned off my searching and opened up my dm's in Instagram, and there it was, earlier someone had messaged me with an issue they had been struggling with to which I had the answer! Literally right after bringing clarity to the question he was struggling with my answer came!

We all like having our desires fulfilled and so actively seek ways to fulfill the desires of others so that good karma comes your way and you reap your hearts desire!

Are you struggling financially? Bless someone financially and you will reap finances.

Are you desiring a friend? First be a good friend!

When you begin to view your life as a garden and the sum total of your surroundings being the result of every seed sown, it drastically changes your perception thus your actions, finally whether your life is a wilderness or fertile land.

In the bible it says that when we live a high vibrational lifestyle, that when our life is filled with good deeds that we can ask the father for whatever our hearts desire and it will be done for us! The bible is written in an allegorical format, it is not speaking about praying to a deity in the sky, it relates back to the electromagnetic field generated from the HEART surrounding the human which constantly "asks" for its desires. The desires and the events in ones life begin rearranging themselves according to the electromagnetic fields frequency emitted from the heart.

It is key to live fruitful lives, lives full of good actions towards other people because every good deed releases a hormonal blend within that elevates our vibration! We've all felt this before after doing something kind towards someone, that feel good feeling! Every single deed, helping a person in need, sowing financial seed & the countless thousands opportunities that present themselves help keep our vibration at high states!

*Combined, becoming a practitioner of semen retention, generating and maintaining a high vibration, living healthy lifestyles & sowing good seeds in a consistent manner will cause our life to transform from a wilderness into an eden!

The end goal with these keys is not perfection but rather consistency.


Enjoy music

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Those that bless this message & keep alive the dwindling flame/knowledge passed down by the ancestors will be blessed. thank you🙏

"Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.”  ~Jesus

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