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The Sacred Meadow

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

ABOUT: The Infinite Intelligence of the Subconscious Mind

The Greatest Paradox

Within man are two natures, that of divinity & mortality. Divinity dwelling within mortal flesh.

There is within man infinite intelligence. Not an intelligence as man needing to grow in wisdom, but already infinite in its design. This intelligence is seen knitting together the child within the mother's womb. It is this infinite intelligence which knits together the temple of God, the most advanced organic technology on the face of this plane!

The purpose of this guide is to reconcile this relationship between mortal & divine infinite intelligence found within the temple

of the human body.

Within man is an intelligence far surpassing that of learned & seasoned men wearing white hair as a crown.

This infinite intelligence within man is his best friend, counselor & guide! In days ancient past, we see the fruit of this beautiful friendship between mortal man and his heavenly self expressed in the civilizations of our ancestors! Civilizations whose denizens were empowered & gave birth to all manner of creative works! Advanced civilizations in tune with with nature, imbued with beauty & elegance!

The artistic expression of the merging of man's lower & higher self is seen in our not so distant past.

As the beauty of the fallen empire of Tartaria and its monumental structures which echo forth finesse, the very pinnacle of human civilization. Whose monumental structures express exquisite beauty & the sophistication of wisdom brought forth from the infinite depths of man.

Though some lay in ruin, till today do they

instill a sense of peace & of tranquility.

And so the question remains, how can one hearken to the wisdom of our ancestors? How can that fire of wisdom leading to peace & prosperity of mind & nature be rekindled? Simply said, through the disconnection of modern programming & a return to the ancient ways through uncovering their dark sayings left in myths, parables & symbols.


Sadly, the state of the world today is that of best friends torn from one another. This truth of man's separation from his 'better half 'is seen as the tragic loss of one's childhood friend. This 'friend ' whose departure leaves aches of sorrow in the soul is seen in films, poetry & all creative works of man. It is seen as the gut wrenching scene on the bridge of Zelda where Link must leave innocence, must leave the Paradise-like Forest of Kokiri & ultimately leave his childhood friend Saria behind. (The bridge in this scene representing the division of worlds;

spiritual & physical)

This is a personification of man severing his bond with the God principle within himself. This separation is also seen in the story of Genesis, where Adam & Eve are severed from Paradise, from a state of bliss. After all, the word Eden simply means bliss. The Bible is a psychological book after all, teaching of physiological and psychological matters through the speech of metaphors, parables & symbols.

The Garden scene in Paradise can then be interpreted as Adam & Eve being the left and right hemisphere of the mind respectively & ultimately, as the story unfolds, their inevitable separation from the subconscious mind being symbolized as having 'eaten' the fruit of sexuality and therefore being escorted from the blissful abode. Adam & Eve represent the left and right hemispheres while the tree represents the spine, nervous system & mind. The serpent represents the dualistic nature of sexual energy which can harm or benefit man depending on its use. The nature of the forbidden 'golden' fruit will be revealed later on. Finally, the garden represents the fertile soil of the subconscious mind, while conscious thoughts & feelings are the seed sown therein that manifest themselves into reality.

~Every seed (thought) produces after its own kind.

~As a man thinks in his heart so is he.

The great secret is that reality is a projection of the mind & arranges itself according to man's internal pattern programmed within the subconscious mind.

The world casts a heavy illusion that one must

'grow up' and leave 'childlike' nonsense behind, thus the link between man and his faithful companion, his deeper and intuitive self, is severed. The result of such advice? Simply look around you, look at the

state of the world.

When a dark shadow was cast upon 'Hyrule'

(upon man's higher ruling nature) Link sets out on his quest with sword, shield and slingshot. Before his departure, the goddess of nature, Saria, gives him the Ocarina, a musical instrument as if to say; "the arduous path before you will be full of hardship! So remember music! Remember beauty & the lovely things of life. Above all else, remember me, your childhood friend!"

Like a gentle breeze. her melody plays. Some get a glimpse of this symphony & being intrigued, follow its mesmerizing tune.

In the Lost Woods it is this tune which guides Link to the Meadow where the Sage of the Temple resides. Patiently, she waits for his return. Patiently, day after day, she plays her song, knowing one day he will find his way back.

Your inner garden calls to you. Your deeper, ageless & wiser self calls unto you. Hear its voice & reconcile the severed relationship!

In life, it is this tune which leads the soul to the paradise within. The musical instrument divinity has left us is the heart & its yearnings are the song guiding us back home.

When the heart is referred to in Scripture, it is reference to man's deeper & limitless subconscious mind, his childhood & everlasting friend!

This was an excerpt from SELF EMPOWERMENT Thru Ancient Symbolism.

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