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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Below are questions I received from my viewers on my semen retention videos. Hope that the answers clarify any questions you may be searching answers for, *dm me on Instagram for a 1on1 session at no cost if you would like a specific question answered.

Q. How do I raise my spiritual energy through my spine?

A. My experience is that it happens naturally, as the days pass and you stay chaste it will happen on its own.. but if the endocrine system/chakras (the glands within the body that secrete hormones, especially the 3rd eye/pineal gland) if they are calcified through a poor diet they will not secrete as they should and though the sexual energy rises up the spine to the third eye if it is calcified there will be no response, no release of dmt..


Q. How do you combat (sexual urges) during nightfall?

A. You're sexual energy becomes easier to guard when you experience for yourself the "high" you get from growing it and allowing it the time to transmute and benefit the body/mind/soul. Pornography and desperate one night stands even begin to lose their edge, their temptation power over you.


Q. When did you experience women attraction? How many days or months? I've been retaining my seed for 2 months and transmuting this energy but didnt notice the women attraction?

A. Its multilayered, one of the best indacators though, is when you smell of pheromones & no matter how much you wash & scrub the scent persists! Attraction deals with magnetism, and thats where the electromagnetic field of the heart comes in, though we practice semen retention if that energy isint flowing through us and only staying dorment in the lower chakras it is not actualizing its potential, this happens when the heart chakra is blocked and it's electromagnetic field isin't flowing as it should, with vibrancy and life which attracts all good things in life! Think of a tree gathering water via its roots only to keep it at the base or trunk and never allowing it to flow throughout the body and letting that energy blossom into life and create fruit. The heart is a gateway that keeps energy dormant or allows passage, being loving towards all things and beings fully activates the heart and in turn causes you to become magnetic towards all of your desires. Jesus said that when we are fruitful or bear much fruit by loving one another that whatsoever we desire would be granted us. Being attractive to everyone (including women) is a biproduct of being fruitful, just as a tree full of life and vibrancy attracts all sorts of wild animal life to want to come dwell and make their abode within. Simply, when sexual energy or "oil" rises from the lower chakra passes and is energized by the heart chakra and reaches and enters the pineal gland or your "lantern" you enter a state of flow.. where you will lack nothing! Hope this helps.


Q. It’s crazy how people don’t try this (semen retention) at least...

A. To be honest, it gets swallowed up with all the other fads going on.. I'm guilty & though it was silly and unnatural until i by serendipity experienced its benefits.. the carnal mind doesn't understand its wisdom and thus sees it as folly.

Follow up response: I have made some attempts at semen retention and I can just feel the extra energy but the energy gets too much for me at times, even when I direct it via exercise. I’m 17 and starting my journey on focusing the sexual energy that is vital for success. This time however, I will meditate to control this beautiful energy. It will be tough in lockdown due to boredom but I have a plan and that alone is powerful.

A. It can be be overwhelming at times, the norse had a strong drink, mead, the "drink of the gods" that would (allegorically) turn anyone that partook of it into a poet or a scholar! Transmuted sexual energy is potent, strong.. weighty and at first like carrying a heavy weight is almost overwhelming but the body adjusts and will never produce more than it can handle. Mead was made from fermented honey, and the bible said that the "promise land" flowed with.. milk & honey! Those that have tasted its sweet fruits have an easier time storing up this energy through semen retention, as it was easy for samson to "grow his hair" because of the supernatural abilities he knew would be bestowed upon him.

Follow up Q. I’m blown away by your great knowledge. What is your view on wet dreams and energy?

A. That they feel amazing! And unless aware that you're in a dream state may be inevitable unless ones strong resolve (to stay chaste) travels with them to that realm. There is mention in sacred texts that not as much energy is lost as when doing it intentionally. Sometimes its the bodies natural way of ridding itself of sexual energy that may be tainted.. grown when one is in a low/negative state..

Response: I like the idea of the release of tainted energy…


Q. Should i practice semen retention if I am married/with partner?

A. Yes. Having sex daily or ofter takes the passion & prohibits your essence from transmuting into sexual energy. Secondly, the sexual experience from having kept yourself chaste is much more intense... it dosent have to be stretched out days.


Q. Multiple times, every single time one the 7th day my urge is unbearable and i fail.......please how can i forget about the urge, or am i going at it the wrong way?? I want to grow with the flow state forever.

A. Channel the sexual energy into creative works/ improving your life and of those around you but ultimately there is no avoiding the urge, as you push through it and know what it feels like the be in a constant flow state, it gets easier🙂


Q. I guess this means that having sex too often isn't good either, how frequent should sex be?

A. There isint a right or wrong answer, one that views this substance as precious will not be frivolous with it.


Q. What do you mean with blessing her?

A. In this context it simply means sharing sexual energy.

Follow up Q. Experience the sexual energy rising or overflowing?

A. The bible put it this way, "drink from your own well" meaning have sexual experience with your own wife and not random ppl. The sexual bond made connects energies and thus a merging of "waters" or sexual energy between the couple, and as water finds its level, so will the energy between the two level out evenly between each other. If one is high on sexual energy and the other low they will meet in the middle always.


Q. Where did you get all this knowledge my friend?

A. In a moment of clarity it all came flowing within. I am not special, everybody has access to such states through "enlightenment".


WISDOM BIT: Those in a relationship fearing they may lose their partner from sexual energy retention should benefit from knowing that the other can be pleased without you losing your essence..and yet if you wish to "bless" her with this energy do so, if done out of love it will (the flow state) be back before 7 days most likely, for those that have stored sexual energy never leaving the flow state at all. I do not buy into it needing stretched out days to start feeling its affects, i don't buy into gurus saying it takes months.. common guys, we know this to be the most potent essence, both for the masculine and feminine.


Amazing video & research ! I just subscribed , keep up the great work . By the way , Does releasing with a partner counts . Is it about Hard Mode ( No Release in any case ) or just NoFap ?

A. Ty🙏 no research whatsoever was done, all this info just "flowed" to me. My next video (ancestral wisdom for men) will cover your question in detail but in short yes and no.. depending on how much sexual energy is stored, the flow state is from semen that has been transmuted into sexual energy and stored, releasing semen doesn't affect this state unless one doesn't have sexual energy stored up.


Q. You mix Jesús and Kundalini and they dont go together. They are different things.

A. Christ refers to an anointing an empowerment within the being.. Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which (not whom, meaning it is a thing and not a person) strengtheneth me."  Kundalini is eastern understanding of our inner workings where energy flows to empower the being, just as the bible in its own allegorical words teaches the vine and the branch where when we are connected to source, through love, we flow with this divine essence that causes us to be fruitful! They are simply different allegories to a universal truth.


Q. Nice information but Why you filmed it in a nasty place?

A. Its about perspective, to me nature and ruins are beautiful.


Q. I just watched your video on the pineal gland and no fap, I would just like to say I have learned allot from watching your video as I have been on this journey for almost a year. I would like to ask how did you come across this knowledge about the bible?

A. Hey, so glad to hear it has helped you😊 honestly when you enter these states the "wisdom of the ages" just flows through you... i didnt figure it out or anything, am not special over anyone, in these states you enter clarity and the scattered puzzle peices come together on their own. Its like the scripture says.. jesus: "if you obey my command (love one another john chap 14- 15) we (jesus and the father, the -source of all wisdom-) will make our dwelling within you.

Follow up Q. Yeah I understand.. do you recommend meditation while retaining? I find I am more aggressive but it also helps me get more work done while in this aggressive state.

A. I think as you go through your day doing your daily chores, and being fruitful loving, when you come to rest from them and sit peacefully for a break that becomes in a sense a meditation. Also your retaining your semen is your meditation aswell.. what i am conveying is that if you are playing video games all day amd then meditate it will not be as powerful as after a full day of being "fruitful". Hope this clarifies it.


RANDOM WISDOM BIT on meditation: For me meditation is similar to medication, only the sick need it.. when you are well and happy you do not need to meditate..

In a lower state i do feel that meditation can help tremendously.

SUBTLE CUES that your in a flow state/ releasing dmt.. For no good reason you're always in a good mood, like really happy, always smiling. What can i liken it to..? remember that feeling you had as a child, of pure bliss and hapiness/contentment? That feeling! Wisdom and insight just flows naturaly, you become witty, i mean REAL WITTY! and you think to yourself where is this comming from! Bodily pain that you havent healed from yet dissapears.. as if strong medication has been taken! Another sign is sycronicities and "serendipities" such as seeing repeating numbers (11:11 or 5:55 or any other repeating number) begin to increase in frequency.


NoFap benefits of SEMEN RETENTION -holy grail of ancient knowledge.


Lastly, is a question from me to you! What is it that you intend to accomplish/what changes to this earthly realm do you intend to manifest with this beautiful energy brewing within!? Comment below.

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Feb 21, 2021

Very nice post once again Earth Wisdom! I want to plant many seeds and grow a vast "garden" for my community. That's the goal!

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