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Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Terra-forming our Surroundings.

We are highly absorbent trees! The eyes & ears having roots that indiscriminately absorb all that is presented to them. Social media, videos, the news, books etc. all of the information placed before us is funneled like a river and absorbed by the brain. Depending on this stream of energy, whether positive or negative, it is either polluting or cleansing to the garden of the mind.

All that is absorbed sinks down into the recesses of our deeper self, the subconscious mind and heart of man, programming it according to its vibration.

The fear-mongering spewed by most news channels which are infused with fear, worry & scarcity mindedness, make for murky waters that when absorbed pollute the mind. This is but a single of the many streams of negative energy being absorbed by the modern human. Countless streams of information surround him, constantly being absorbed. This all adds up, and its effect can be seen as the gradual lowering of ones vibration!

Our tree of life, as this energy loses its vibrancy, begins to sag and wither away. A sad sight in the midst of our garden.. Isn't this how many of us have come to feel in modern society!

In order to cultivate our garden where dwells the tree of life, we must alter the surrounding landscape. According to this inner heartwork will our life be a reflection.

Knowledge is power, and being cognizant of the cause of the effect we are experiencing, we can now begin to make alterations based in wisdom and love. Love for the self which will spread abundantly to flow into the lives of others. The energy you carry around you in your electromagnetic field surrounding you affects all nearby people, slightly uplifting or depressing them. So allow the waters that spring forth from the heart, to form the electromagnetic field surrounding you, to be pure! Daily cleansing its waters by being mindful of what we allow entrance into the gateways of the mind.

Be wise. Do not drop bad habits on a dime, this will most likely end in failure. Begin releasing them slowly, little by little, replacing them with positive ones, knowing with full assurance that your garden will blossom into an Eden as it was intended to! We must allow the water, with which our garden and tree of life is nourished by, to be clean water, water carrying on its tides life and rejuvenation.

The Gardener of the Heart

The outer gates have barred, allowing only what is lovely and of good report to enter. Peace and tranquility of mind are being restored to the inner garden.

Little by little, this constant stream of clean water will wash away all debris accumulated though negative indulgences.

Focus your attention on all that is lovely, all that is wise, giving no place for negative, energy lowering information.

This constant flow will cause the mind to be in a blissful and positive state of vibration!

A cleansing of the ravaged landscape is required.

Not only does the inner garden of your temple need plucking of weeds, it firstly needs to have all the murky streams of water flowing within bringing in negativity to be dried up. For, no matter how much we remove weeds, if the source is not taken care of they will keep sprouting up! And so by not allowing information vibrating at negative frequencies to enter our temple we are providing it with a fertile environment. An environment where it can thrive. When that negative stream,causing an abundance of weeds, is dried up, removing weeds, or bad habits doesn't seem like an insurmountable mountain.

What previously felt like taking one step forward and two backwards, progress wise, now is brought into harmony and the environment is working alongside and not against you.

We are energetic vessels, and on our journey through life, sometime that vessel fills up with unpleasant things, this would be all of the mud and debris mixed into your vessel. The way we can cleanse it out is by filling ourselves with good things. As our vessel begins to overflow, the nasty things begin to spill out and the outcome is a cleansed temple with a vibrant electromagnetic fount at its center!

So what are some good things you can begin feeding your mind & implementing into your life?

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