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Followers of The Way

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

The Chinese word Dao, means “way” or “path”. Daoism is a philosophy that teaches harmony with the natural order. Primarily about non attachment to outcomes. Trusting things will work out as Source intended. The common belief is that a teacher named Lao-Tzu originated the school and wrote its major work, called the Daodejing.

The early followers of Jesus, likewise called themselves followers of The Way. Jesus even claiming to be the way.  Proclaiming that we must follow the narrow path. Teaching us to choose love instead of hate.

So what is this way? What is this path that leads to truth? Let’s take a look.

Daoist masters, offered philosophical insights. They practiced meditative stillness and emptiness to gain knowledge. Engaged in physical exercises to increase the flow of inner energy. Studied nature for diet and longevity. Practiced rituals and engaged in spellbinding of ghosts. They led small communities, and advised rulers on all these subjects. The masters would pass on their teachings to disciples and adepts. They believed in simplicity, patience, compassion, and letting go. Believing in the harmony of nature. The Yin and Yang. That all things would work together for the highest benefit when we go with the flow.

Christ and those who followed him also taught of compassion and surrender to a higher will. Christian teachings point to loving your enemies instead of fighting them. Forgiving those who hurt us and accepting that everything is happening according to a divine plan. Jesus often spent long periods of time praying by himself (meditation). They cast out demons. Healed the sick and fed the poor. Jesus would talk to local rulers and elders, teaching them to interpret the scriptures. They lived in small communities where everything was shared. He and his disciples practiced asceticism (self-discipline and avoidance of all forms of indulgence) including material possessions. This is a practice shared by the Daoists and other eastern religious practitioners like the Hindu yogis and Sadhus of India.

So what do we find when comparing these different philosophies and religions? Like stars circling around Polaris, they all revolve around the Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

This central message is found in every religion of the world. One of the few ideas shared by all. Practicing selfless love instead of selfish action. Seeing yourself in others. By serving those around us, we serve the God who has placed his consciousness in us all.

This is how we become followers of the way. We trust the source of all life to care for us, while we care for each other. We reject hatred, and celebrate our differences. We choose to put others first, and in turn, receive blessing.

A single flower is beautiful, but the bouquet of flowers multiplies that beauty. A melody can be enchanting, but when you add the harmony, it becomes so much greater.  So let’s choose to accept, embrace and encourage each other. Together we create a masterpiece.

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Mar 30, 2023

Sitting in nature as I enjoy this read.. Beautifully worded! I find it fascinating that Daoist Masters were sought out by rulers to advise them on many subjects!


The Plane Truth
The Plane Truth
Mar 29, 2023

Thanks, Derek. While I’m still trying to look at the Bible in a esoteric spiritual way, your points are absolutely valid and well said.

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