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Energetic Terrarium

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

What the Human Is.

The human body is an energetic terrarium with the ability to create within itself a thriving environment!

The creation of such an environment, via lifestyle alterations, imbues the individual with feelings of upliftment and bliss!

Being cognizant of this, the goal becomes to create an atmosphere within oneself, where a vibration we resonate with thrives!

The atmosphere we currently hold within ourselves is easily influenced through our lifestyle; the thoughts & actions we participate in daily influence the overall quality of it.

We may not be in full control of our emotions & feelings. However, we do have the ability to exert influence over them. This influence, for better or for worse, is exerted through the consistency of the minute decisions we make each and every day. These seemingly irrelevant decisions, conglomerate to give us our current energy signature, whether it be one that is depressed or elevated!

Through a positive altering of our lifestyle choices, we create pathways in which our energy can flow with less resistance. Negative choices lead to blockages of energy.

The purpose of this post is to relate, in a quick and easily digestible manner, TIPS & TRICKS on how to create a potent flow of energy via positive lifestyle choices, & how we can harness that flow to bring into reality our desires, whatever they may be!

The Golden Rule/Individual Fractals

Above all else, spiritual teachers and religions agreed on this one fact; "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This ancient teaching passed down, has come to be known as the golden rule, for it causes us, through its application, to transmute base energies into elevated ones, or in other words, lead into gold.

This teaching is based in love, which is the strongest of vibrations! Those who understand vibration & frequency hold the key to drastically transforming their lives. Aligning our lifestyle with the golden guideline, causes our energy to harmonize with its high vibration!

The expressions in which we can implement this golden rule into our life are endless & unique to each individual! That is the beauty of it! The creator, fractalizing himself into the countless water droplets, which are humans, did not intend to have anyone conform to "cookie cutter" patterns. The God principle within us wishes to express its own fractalized individuality. If the creator wanted unanimity, he would have made clones rather than diverse individuals!

You are your own unique vibration and to quarrel against it is to become self-sabotaging. Allow the golden thread of the golden rule to inspire you! And through your creative essence, weave it into beautiful designs, as you begin to implement this love principle into your life, according to your own inspiration. No one is to tell you how to apply the golden rule into your life. It is entirely up to you! As you do so, you will create within yourself the garden of the gods! An energetic signature will thrive and permeate all areas of your life with passion, excitement & abundance!

The golden rule is a divine thread that each individual weaves into their own unique quilt!

Creating & Maintaining an Eden

The entire universe is Gods terrarium. We, as microcosmic universes, are terrariums ourselves, holding within our temples an individual fractal of energy signature from Source.

Think of a glass vase or terrarium with its own eco-system. That eco-system is made up of an ever-changing variable of elements. A minor tweak to any factor, alters the whole. For example, a slight increase in moisture, from a surplus of water mixed with an increase in heat, will result in a domino-like effect of cascading adjustments until all other variables balance out.

A slight water drought may cause the plants within, to enter a "survival" state until water levels are once again replenished.

No matter how small, each change within an eco-sytem has an effect on the whole. The overall state of the terrarium's eco-system is dependent on the many various influences which conglomerate to create the conditions experienced within.

The human temple is an energetic terrarium. A fleshly container, with a whole universe within itself! Each individual human contains its own unique ecosystem. The totality of this ecosystem influences the electromagnetic field generated from the heart. The electromagnetic field is an invisible and energetic current surrounding all humans. This current has its flow originating from the heart. Think of the heart as a fountain head within a pond, and the energy of the field, as the water being absorbed and spouted out in an ever re-occurring cycle. Since our field is made up of our recycled energy, we must thus cleanse our energy in order to cleanse our field.

From man's heart flows the electromagnetic field. It is called electro-magnetic because it deals with electro-magnetism, electricity and magnetism. Thoughs and emotions are electrical and magnetic, altering the makeup of this flow according to their resonance.

Our thoughts and emotions, as seeds of information, sink into the fertile soil of the subconscious mind, to be funneled into the heart and recycled through the electromagnetic field indefinitely.

This flow remains the same until we change the pattern being fed through this source.

Our fields are either flowing with clear waters, which bring life, or are flowing with murky water, that soil every aspect of our life. This field permeates into all aspects of our physical life.

Vibrating at lower energetic ends will cause blockages which need to be swept out, like the bad demons that they are.

According to our vibration, so are the ripples that project outwards from this field. These are recycled back into the electromagnetic field of the heart.

Jesus spoke, saying that He who has, more shall be given him. And he who has not, even that which he has will be taken from him.

This is all dealing with energetic currency. Man's energetic field is either positively or negatively charged, meaning the person is either abiding within the kingdom of heaven or without it, in the kingdom of darkness.

This is the explanation for good vs. bad luck. The science behind it is the frequency at which the electromagnetic field of the heart vibrates. High vibrations result in wave after wave of the blessings of Abraham entering our lives! While lower vibrations of the energetic current of the heart can be seen as a devastating tsunami on loop, washing away all that the "unlucky" person has.

One who is cognizant of this will cultivate within himself an abundance of vibrant and nurturing energy, which will lead to a multi-faceted expression of creative works! His offspring of creative ideas and their manifestation will be endless, so long as the state is nurtured.

The churner of this energy within our temple is the endocrine system, comprised of the endocrine glands, which release mood altering hormones into the bloodstream. These hormones play a role in determining our energy levels. You may have heard me allegorically depict this system within as a wise man mixing potions.. According to our lifestyle, from our thoughts & actions to our diet, these all have an influence on the hormones produced which circulate the landscape of our temple and create a vibration according to its influence.

Positive lifestyle choices lead to a vase filled with thriving life, while negative choices lead to the withering away of body, mind & spirit!

It is a well-known fact that we begin to resemble the people we associate with the most. It is, however, a less known fact, that information flooding the gateways leading to the mind; the ears, eyes etc, also exert much influence on who we become.

Music is a prime example of this. Depending on its frequency and vibration, it is many times able to create a sense of peace or excitement, according to its kind. Simply by hearing music attuned to peace, we begin to feel at peace. So be mindful also of what mental diet you feed the mind.

The garden of Eden, or paradise of biblical lore with flaming sword, is an internal place, forever hidden within the members of man. Jesus taught that the kingdom of heaven is within and the exterior world is simply a reflection of the inner garden of activity. The flaming sword in biblical lore, represents a barrier or forcefield that may only be passed when vibrating at a specific frequency; the high vibration of love! This same force-field surrounds each and every individual, for we are all fractals of Eden, as it is stated, the kingdom of heaven is within.

This angel of light with flaming sword or forcefield, flowing every which way, is the light-based, electromagnetic current of the heart!

Only things or circumstances matching the vibrational frequency of this forcefield surrounding us can enter into our lives, and so the "unlucky" person attracts such events, while the "lucky" person attracts after his kind.

The wise and foolish virgins & the celebration allude to this fact. The wise virgin purchased sufficient refined oil with which to light their lamps, while the foolish ran out of oil. At the time of the bridegroom's coming, those with oil were permitted entrance into the wedding celebration, where "water is turned into wine", while the foolish were not permitted entrance and left outside in the darkness, where there is "gnashing of teeth and wailing."

This allegory simply symbolises states of being. Those lacking light, experienced bad events in life, leading to them being depressed, resulting in bitterness and complaining. The wise virgins, full of light, were permitted entrance to the banquet of the gods! They entered a flow state where they experienced the best life has to offer!

So cultivate your energy and grow within this energetic terrarium, which is the temple of God, a pleasant garden which will attract unto itself all manner of good things, physical & spiritual!

The biblical story of the woman cleaning her "home" of demons only to have them return, because she did not fill her home with good things afterwards, is a lesson we must learn. It is not good enough to simply rid ourselves of bad habits, we must also fill the temple with all that is lovely and wise. Only then will there be no space for the unlovely things in life.

The energy field you create acts as a flaming sword, restricting access to the garden of your life, to all things which do not energetically match its resonance!

The demons in the allegory residing within the home represent negative energies, given power & and space to fester, through negative habits.

And so, in the words of the wisest man, Solomon, I would suggest that you; "Buy the truth, and do not sell it, Also wisdom and instruction and understanding." Proverbs 23:23

Learn how to become self-realized via purchasing my book SELF EMPOWERMENT Thru Ancient Symbolism.


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